Hustle Castle is a free adventure – simulation RPG, set in a fantasy medieval world. Prepare to laugh and grin as you expand your kingdom, train your villagers, and battle enemies.


Become the lord and master of a real medieval castle! Accept new subjects, assign them to their duties, train and protect your men and women! Defy your rivals and laws of physics as you build and upgrade your fortress!

Your pudgy warriors look great in their shining armor! Nourish and train your troops, and they’ll crush the armies of Grav the Mighty Brainpan, find the shelter of the fearsome OM-NOM, put the Abyss Lord back in his place, and also burn down a couple of enemies’ castles!

All day long your scribes scratch their heads with quills, treasurers spill coins on the floor and blacksmiths drop anvils on their feet for the sake of your prosperity! Prepare true specialists, become wealthy and influential! Build a dating room and watch your subjects have children who’ll soon grow up and serve you too!


► A story-driven campaign with plenty of humor mixed into classic RPG strategy.

► Expand your castle through numerous upgrades that may even defy physics.

► Multiplayer options include co-op romps to explore dungeons and PvP raids against your enemies.

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