CRSED: F.O.A.D.  is a free-to-play multiplayer Last-Man-Standing shooter for PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. It features a unique
mix of authentic weaponry, stunning graphics and innovative game mechanics.

Main features:
• Massive PvP battles to the last man standing on gigantic maps inspired by real-world locations
• A huge arsenal of authentic weapons ranging from World War II until the present day, featuring everything from knives and
clubs to machine guns and anti-material rifles
• An increasing selection of characters to play with, all featuring their own special abilities, e.g. to slow down time or transform
into a werewolf
• Players can cast powerful magic spells that may affect everyone in battle, e.g. by summoning a horde of zombies or to reduce
map-wide gravity
• Plenty of crazy items and gadgets to find in battle, including an IV drop that restores health, a cuban cigar that makes you
tougher to kill or a jetpack allowing you to jump vast distances
• Regular updates and new content seasons offering something new to explore and unlock for players, including cosmetics to
further customize their characters.

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