Try Caliber — a free-to-play shooter about real special forces. Fast-paced and exciting firefights in PvP and PvE modes, tons of ways to play your role in combat, operator customization and growth.

The third-person view helps to look from round the corners and use covers. And it gives an overall feeling you’re in a movie. However the game feels very close to a generic first-person shooter. Partially because aiming is implemented from the first-person perspective making the process of shooting very immersive. So if you have any doubt about the third-person perspective, there’s nothing to worry about.


Speaking of fantasies, the game fulfills a fantasy of being a Special Forces operator. All operators are divided into four classes: Assault, Support, Medic and Marksman. Each operator has five basic characteristics:

  • Damage (this characteristic speaks for itself)
  • Control (inflicting negative effects on enemies)
  • Utility (healing and reinforcing allies)
  • Mobility (operator’s speed)
  • Toughness (this characteristic speaks for itself)

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