Crossout is a F2P action MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment. Focused on vehicular combat, Crossout lets players engage in a post-apocalyptic world where they can craft cars, ride and destroy everything in their paths.
Crossout lets players build their own custom war-rig (just like Mad Max) and then take that rig into battle.


The game offers realistic physics and collisions, targeted damage systems and durability, and easy to learn controls that let you focus on the action. Players can enter Raids, PvE battles that pit players in co-op missions at the cost of fuel, and PvP battles against other players in deathmatch and base capture styles. Raids include crate capture, siege, and battles against Leviathans (boss-style vehicles). Daily challenges and missions are available for players to complete to get resources to unlock special rewards.

There are four factions in the game: Engineers, Lunatics, Nomads, and Scavengers. Every player begins as an Engineer and can trade experience at level 10 to join another faction. Each faction offers its own blueprints and equipment, based around central themes – for example, Engineers rebuild new modifications from old vehicle parts, and Scavengers are focused on heavy defense. Each faction also requires its own progression to unlock better rewards. Players can craft new parts and modifications on a workbench. Each part takes time to complete or can be rushed with coin.
Exhibition is a special feature that lets players upload, like, and download player created vehicles and Leviathans. The feature also includes test-drive capabilities.

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