Greetings from Plarium!

Update 1.5 is live now! This is another update that is focused on QoL improvements, but we have also rolled out a number of adjustments to Champion and Artifact balance. Le’ts take a closer look at these changes:

New Features

  • Global Events: Special time-limited events have been introduced to the game! The tasks for each event will be outlined, players need only follow the guidelines and complete the required challenges in order to gain points and rewards.
  • Clan Chat: Clans need to rely on external messengers no longer! As of Update 1.5, all members of the Clan will have access to a special chat that only they can see. There, secrets can be shared, strategies discussed, and plans drawn.
  • Balance: Enemies in a number of Campaign Stages have been adjusted. Some gained Levels, others lost Rank.


  1. Fixed issues with battle slowdown with certain Masteries.
  2. Fixed bugs with Playtime Rewards not tracking correctly.
  3. Fixed issues preventing Arena Medal conversion at the Great Hall from working correctly.
  4. Fixed bugs with Clan Boss Skills working incorrectly.
  5. Fixed various issues with Clan Activity Rewards.
  6. Fixed issues with Champion stats not displaying correctly after upgrading Artifacts.
  7. Fixed bugs that occurred when loading Battles.
  8. Various optimizations.

Current Known Issues

Bad-el-Kazar Passive Skill [Prey Upon] is inflicting less incorrect damage (less than it is meant to) due to a bug. It will be fixed in the near future.